Red Bug was established in 2009 with one goal in mind: to be our clients’ most reliable communications partner for all their media relations and marketing needs. 

We believe that we have the largest B2B media database in Asia — if you’re in the industrial manufacturing space, we can reach the right media on your behalf. Our clients enjoy increased brand exposure across a variety of relevant media channels both locally and worldwide.

Let us address your communication needs with our integrated PR campaigns! We employ tactics that span public relations, marketing communications, and digital media domains.



We view ourselves as an extension of our clients’ marketing teams and we’re personally interested in their success.


We’re adept with technical content — we understand, digest, and synthesize information well, producing purpose-shaped pieces for a variety of audiences.


We’re also brutally honest to and with our clients — if we don’t think something’s going to work, we’ll say it; and if it’s not something we can accomplish, we won’t pretend.


With us, it’s not about churning numbers and putting up sleek impressions — we’d much rather create a lasting impact through a value-driven PR approach, ensuring results that withstand the test of time.


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Highly experienced, motivated, and competitive, Lynette drives excellence across Red Bug. She’s always willing to go the extra mile to help clients build a compelling brand narrative. Having spent more than 15 years in B2B PR and marketing, Lynette is a veteran of creating and managing content to build relationships for a variety of clients, from start-ups to MNCs.

When she’s not handling serious work-stuff, the self-professed funny-bug often drops ‘pun-ny’ lines on her unsuspecting colleagues (much to their delight!). She’s also the resident health nut who keeps the rest of the team in check on their journey to becoming fit and fab. An avid traveller, Lynette loves globetrotting and she’ll pick a resort holiday over city destinations any day.


Kelly brings a can-do attitude and an exceptional work ethic to any project, with a keen ability to pick up industry-specific knowledge quickly and effectively. Since joining Red Bug in 2010, she’s enjoyed executing and managing PR campaigns for a variety of clients, helping them reach both B2B and B2C audiences.

Prior to her career in PR, Kelly was part of a team that ran arts events in a local polytechnic. She’s the agency’s crazy cat lady (she’s well on her way to owning 6 cats!) and resident crocheter. Feline company and yarn projects keep her happy.


Youthful and confident, Gracine is Red Bug’s digital and social media guru. She’s the mastermind behind many of the engaging social media campaigns the agency has rolled out for clients. Gracine’s also always looking for opportunities to nitpick at other people’s social media accounts, with the intention of helping them improve, of course! 

As an absolute Potterhead, studying in the UK and visiting London was a dream come true for Gracine. Her talents lie beyond the use of words and she absolutely loves cosmetics. She also finds it hard to put down a good read, especially those from the Young Adults section!


The ever-inquisitive one, Gena has a penchant for ‘digesting’ content from clients, and then synthesising it into a beautiful written piece for them. Google is her BFF and she ensures that we uncover all the answers to even the most random trivia. She’s also detail-oriented (maybe nearly clinically OCD!), and can be called upon to proofread or check anything. 

Before coming onboard, Gena taught English Language and Literature in a secondary school, and held a Marketing position in a F&B establishment. Outside of work, this movie buff can be found catching the latest Hollywood blockbusters in the theatres.